Pyramid Orgone Chakra with Copper Spiral 1.5″

Pyramid Orgone Chakra with Copper Spiral 1.5″

Pyramids have a square base and four triangular faces meant to represent the four cosmic elements. This sacred shape is believed to widen your consciousness. Pyramids are ideal for display on your desk or altar.

This piece is made of Chakra colored stones and a Copper Spiral in orgone. It is a substance made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals, believed by some to attract and amplify orgone energy according to the principles of Wilhelm Reich's theories. In Sanskrit, Chakra means "wheel". Our bodies contain seven of these energy wheels, each with a unique character and a connection to various aspects of our being. Copper is known to stimulate energy throughout the body and increase psychic abilities.

The Country of origin of this product is India. The stone items are made from natural materials, the color will vary from one to the other.

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